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Donald Dinnie- the First Sporting Superstar,

by David P. Webster and Gordon Dinnie. Ed. Charlie Allan. £12.95 pp free Uk.

                    Dinnie was the first globetrotting professional athlete to make real money out of sport. And he dominated as no other athlete has ever done. He was world champion in wrestling, heavy and light athletics, and weightlifting. It is estimated that, had he not been ineligible as a professional, Dinnie would have won as many as ten medals 1896 Olympic Games. This book follows him from stonemason’s apprentice in Aberdeenshire through Highland Games to international stardom and real lifetime earnings of £2.5 million pounds, and a poverty-dogged old age in London. He had a first world war bomb named after him…he once endorsed Scotland’s other national drink, and many of his feats of strength have never been matched…and they’re still trying.              

Hardcover. 80 photos and illustrations.